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Willard Marine 43 Assault High Speed Interceptor

Overall Length:

13 metre / 43 feet

Overall Width / Beam:

3 metre / 10 feet

Maximum Payload:

2,495 kg / 5,500 lbs

Tactical Roles:

Interceptor / High Speed Patrol

Willard Marine 43 Assault High Speed Interceptor is built from an offshore racing design and can achieve speeds in excess of 60 knots. This high speed craft is powered by twin inboard diesel stock engines and a surface drive system. The demand for increased performance has been apparent for use with the new classes of faster ships and high speed threats. The 43 Assault is ideal for intercepting and boarding boats and vessels in the open ocean. 

Willard Marine, in conjunction with Team Scarab, has designed and developed the 43 Assault High Speed Interceptor as a safe, fast and comfortable high speed interceptor or patrol RIB. This alliance has utilised high-speed Scarab hulls which have been proven by years of successful ocean racing. Combined with Willard Marine’s experience in military craft requirements, engineering, construction and quality assurance the 43 Assault has been developed to suit extreme end-user requirements.

The S3® Supplemental Stability System concept increases the stability, passenger comfort and safety of high speed, heavily loaded craft. The energy absorbing lightweight S3 system provides shock mitigating characteristics to the hull. The variable geometry of the sponsons increases hull efficiency and aft buoyancy where the fuel, engine and passenger loads are centred. The S3 allows the craft to stay on the plane at lower speeds in rougher water than conventional hulls. Air filled tubes are lighter weight and absorb more energy than foam tubes.

The Assault class is also available in 14.5m (48’) and 16.5m (54’) sizes and cabin versions. Willard offer onboard or onsite Crew Familiarisation training for clients. Training courses can be developed to individual clients requirements to cover the design, operation, maintenance and repair of craft.

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