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Fire & Rescue Craft - Click any image below for more information.

Fire and Rescue Craft need to be strong, reliable, manoeuvrable and versatile vessels for use in challenging roles and environments. The craft may be designed for multi-purpose, no emergency roles. The layout is pre-planned for fast, easy access to emergency equipment. Deck space needs to be provide safe working areas for crew and rescue teams. Rescue craft need deck or cabin space that can safely carry casualties on stretchers. Fire and rescue boats may carry divers. A dive door in the hull, cut away transom or stern platform can be utilised to lift casualties out of the water. If a rescue craft needs to be able to tow damaged vessels or life rafts a tow post with bollard pull will be specified. Fast fireboats are used for fighting shipboard and waterside fires. They have an unlimited supply of water available that is delivered by specialist pumps and nozzles.