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Multi Purpose Inflatables - Click any image below for more information.

3.5 metre: 11 feet 6”             4 metre: 13 feet 1”             4.5 metre: 14 feet 9”             5 metre: 16 feet 5”             5.5 metre: 18 feet
6 metre: 19 feet 7”                6.5 metre: 21 feet 3”          7 metre: 23 feet                    7.5 metre: 24 feet 6”           8 metre: 26 feet 2”

Inflatable boats are relatively light to transport and are easily launched and recovered from river banks, beaches or larger craft. These craft can be transported inflated or deflated and can be used in most environments from ice surveys to the tropics. Inflatables are used for scientific studies, environmental research and diving support. Inflatable boats are launched from cruise ships for eco tourism, beach landing plus observation of marine wildlife. Heavy duty professional inflatables can also be used for beach patrol, beach rescue, white water support, river rescue, swift water rescue, inland flood relief, fire department and first responder roles.