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Willard Marine 17m SAR Fire Boat

Overall Length:

17 metre / 55 feet 9"

Overall Width / Beam:

4.3 metre / 14 feet 3"

Maximum Payload:

14,061 kg / 31,000 lbs


Fibreglass or Aluminium

Willard Marine 17m SAR Fire Boat is a reconfigured version of the SEPTAR patrol boat that is designed to be a very capable search and rescue or fire boat. This vessel comes complete with berts, kitchenette, head and shower area, generator set and air-conditioning system.

The 17m SAR Fire Boat includes a full fire system with generator, fire pump and fire monitor stations. The fire fighting system is powered by Cummins engine, matched to Hale pump rated 3000 GPM. There is a remote controlled fire monitor station at the bow and two manual stations on the stern of the boat that are capable of shooting 250 feet at 100 psi and 145 feet at 100 psi respectfully, providing both sea water and foam spray capabilities. This boat also features a deluge system which envelopes the entire boat with a water spray for fighting shipboard fire.

Willard Marine is a manufacturer of aluminium and fibreglass boats for the United States Government, United States Coast Guard and non-military clients. Willard specialise in a versatile class of commercial and military Rigid Inflatable Boats, personnel boats, high speed patrol boats, fire boats and SOLAS approved boats for numerous military and civil applications.

Willard offer onboard or onsite Crew Familiarisation training for clients. The training personnel at Willard have years of experience in operation, maintenance and repair of their boats which is delivered in training classes. Training courses can be developed to individual clients requirements to cover the design, operation, maintenance and repair of craft.

Willard Marine clients include:-

US Navy, US Army, Mexican Navy, Philippine Navy, Ukrainian Navy, Iraqi Navy, Kazakhstan Navy, Mozambique Navy, Cameroon Navy, Lebanese Navy, Royal Jordanian Naval Forces

Contact Details:-

Willard Marine Inc

1250 N. Grove St. Anaheim, CA 92806 USA  TEL +1 714 666 2150

1412 Taylor Farm Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23453 USA  TEL +1 757 821 0280

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