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KPM Marine Predator Rescue Pack

Rescue Applications:

Removal of Water / Fire Fighting

Pump Specification:

IP68 / Waterproof to 15 metres

Lithium Ion Battery Pack:

Available in 50Ah or 100Ah

Battery Condition App:

Remote Charge Monitoring

The KPM Marine Emergency 500 Pump has been developed for residual and mass removal of bilge water, deck washing, rescue or boundary cooling fire fighting. The Predator Pump is IP68 and fully waterproof to 15 metres. It is designed to be fully serviceable and has been tested for 5 days continuous running. The pump and motor have been tested under dry conditions for 24 hours without damage to the pump or components. The unit is fitted as standard for a wide range of applications, from commercial workboats to military vehicles.

The system includes 10 metres of marine grade cable and lanyard, 10 metres of hose and quick connect cam couplings. To maintain continuous pumping there is an air lock bleed in the main chamber. KPM recognize that pumping capability is only as good as the ability to protect the pump from damage and blockages caused by floating debris. The robust aluminium carry case is anodized and powder coated with flexible carry points. The case provides the dual function of filter box with cleanable filters.

KPM has developed a high capacity Lithium Ion battery pack for situations where these is no available power supply. The robust, waterproof, aluminium case has no catches or hinges to break. Available in 50Ah or 100Ah with two outputs to power the KPM pump and a light simultaneously, or two KPM flood lights. On one charge the portable Predator power pack can pump 32,000 litres with 50 Ah or 64,000 litres with100Ah to 3 metre head through a 10 metre hose.

The KPM battery condition app is an additional option for remote operation. This enables operators to monitor the amount of charge remaining in the battery via Bluetooth on a telephone or tablet. 5 battery packs can be monitored on one app.

KPM Marine clients include:

UK Ministry of Defence, UK Border Force, Baltic Marine, Delta Marine, Royal Navy, RNLI (UK Lifeboat), London Port Authority, PD Tees Ports, Doeksen, South Boats, Iceni Windfarm, Seacat Services, MPI Windfarm Services, Atlas Elektronik, Blount Boats, US Marine Corps, Canadian Coastguard, Lung Teh, Strategic Marine.

Contact Details:-

KPM Marine - 85-90 Buckingham Street, Birmingham B19 3HU UK  +44 (0)1213 596434

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