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KPM Marine 2 CUBED Modular Interiors

Pre-Designed Units:

Lightweight / Modular

Fast Installation Panels:

Floor / Ceiling / Wall

Aluminum Track:

Structural / Crash Tested

Service Arteries:

Lighting / Power / Cable

KPM Marine 2 CUBED Modular Interiors are a pre-designed, lightweight system that enables below deck spaces to be constructed quickly on workboats and professional fast craft. Modular units include workstations, storage, heads, showers, galley and bunks. The system is designed to reduce weight plus flooring, ceiling or wall panels can be easily removed for access during the build process or in the future. Specially designed aluminum extruded profiles cover jointing for speed of installation.

UNI Trac is structural track which has been developed to Annex 10 DNV HSC Code and crash tested to 12G. Once installed UNI Trac has the rigidity and strength to accommodate all the modular units. UNI Trac is designed to accommodate 38mm (1.5”) precut floor board that has insulation, vibration and sound attenuating properties. The 2 CUBED ceiling system utilises SKY Trac, designed to be used with a range of 8mm (0.3”) lightweight sound proof and insulating boards. Wall panels use the same principle of lightweight laminate, ply polyurethane foam composite at 3.5kg (7.7lb) per square metre.

The 2 CUBED Rat Run service system provides multi-direction arteries that can be used in conjunction with wall boards. Services can be run in the ceiling using aircraft style up lighters that accommodate lights plus electrical cable. This routing can be utilsed for power drops from the ceiling to modular units and gives access for service or electrical additions.

All 2 CUBED units are designed around regulations and escape measure distances to simplify the safety aspect of vessel design. Panels are supplied to the vessel numbered and pre-cut including window voids. Kits are supplied with all fasteners and connections.

KPM Marine clients include:

UK Ministry of Defence, UK Border Force, Baltic Marine, Delta Marine, Royal Navy, RNLI (UK Lifeboat), London Port Authority, PD Tees Ports, Doeksen, South Boats, Iceni Windfarm, Seacat Services, MPI Windfarm Services, Atlas Elektronik, Blount Boats, US Marine Corps, Canadian Coastguard, Lung Teh, Strategic Marine.

Contact Details:-

KPM Marine - 85-90 Buckingham Street, Birmingham B19 3HU UK  +44 (0)1213 596434

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