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KPM Marine 2 CUBED Cabin

Modular Cabin Units:

Strong / Lightweight

Frame Construction:

Aluminium Box Section

Positioning Points:

Roofline Lifting / Modular Feet

3 DNV Standard Sizes:

8 / 10 / 12 Feet Footprint

KPM Marine 2 CUBED Cabins are pre-designed, lightweight and modular. The 2 CUBED Cabin frame construction is from aluminium box section. This is subjected to high load factors to provide robust units for use in harsh environments with a high level of safety. Typical applications for KPM 2 CUBED Cabins include accommodation, changing room, survey station, medical centre, ROV or dive control room, drying or laundry room, office and storage space.

KPM 2 CUBED Cabins can be incorporated as part of the modular design of next generation vessels. Cabins can be added or removed as required on a task by task basis. As tender demands and roles change over time the modular approach ensures that vessels have more versatility and commercial viability. As weight equates to higher fuel costs, the modern vessel benefits from only carrying weight and structures that are required.

Roofline lifting points and modular feet fixing points enable KPM 2 CUBED Cabins to be added or removed from deck spaces quickly and safely. The plug and play approach enables electrics and water systems to be easily connected and disconnected. Doors, windows and skylights can be positioned using KPMs modular system. Units are built to DNV requirements in three standard size options at 8,10 and 20 feet footprint. Bespoke sizes are available to customer’s requirements.

KPM Marine 2 CUBED Modular Interiors are a pre-designed, lightweight system that enables interior spaces to be constructed quickly on workboats and professional craft. Modular units include workstations, storage, heads, showers, galley and bunks. The system is designed to reduce weight plus flooring, ceiling or wall panels can be easily removed for access during building or in the future.

KPM Marine clients include:

UK Ministry of Defence, RNLI (UK Lifeboat), London Port Authority, PD Tees Ports, Doeksen, South Boats, Iceni Windfarm, Seacat Services, MPI Windfarm Services, Atlas Elektronik, Blount Boats, US Marine Corps, Canadian Coastguard, Lung Teh, Strategic Marine.

Contact Details:-

KPM Marine - 85-90 Buckingham Street, Birmingham B19 3HU UK  +44 (0)1213 596434

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