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KPM Marine Captain & Engineer 100 Mk 5

Seat Type:

Helmsman / Bridge

Seat Dimensions:

Width 500mm (20")
Full Height Back

Seat Weight:

46 kg / 100 lbs



KPM Marine Captain & Engineer Seat is fully crash tested and type approved to HSC Code Annex 10 with DNV. This captain and engineer seat offers high levels of protection and comfort plus controls can be integrated. The seat can be fully pivoted for 360 degree rotation. The slide system can be up to 4 metre (13 feet) long with powered or manual slide.

The KPM Marine Captain & Engineer Seat is a full size seat suitable for all wheelhouse seating applications at at 500mm (20”) width with a full height back. Significant weight savings are achieved by utilising a monocoque seat structure. The total weight is 46 kg (100 lbs) for the seat and the suspension combined.

The key elements of KPM seat testing and safety are a double acting suspension system that absorbs energy in one direction when hitting waves and in the opposite direction during crash impact. The low overall seat / suspension weight reduces the dynamic force upon impact. The monocoque aluminium seat structure is designed to be compliant and absorb energy by utilising crumple zones which bend upon rear impact and absorb energy.

To optimise seat pressure distribution KPM cushions are designed to the correct firmness and pressure points are reduced by eliminating moulding contours. All seat cushions can be removed and used as flotation. KPM marine can provide the complete tested system including pedestal and floor fixings as specified by Annex 10. Features include seat tilt, weight adjustment, 4 point harness restraint, adjustable armrests and waterproof breathable fabric. Full colour options and embroidery available.

KPM Marine clients include:

UK Ministry of Defence, UK Border Force, Baltic Marine, Delta Marine, Royal Navy, RNLI (UK Lifeboat), London Port Authority, PD Tees Ports, Doeksen, South Boats, Iceni Windfarm, Seacat Services, MPI Windfarm Services, Atlas Elektronik, Blount Boats, US Marine Corps, Canadian Coastguard, Lung Teh, Strategic Marine.

Contact Details:-

KPM Marine - 85-90 Buckingham Street, Birmingham B19 3HU UK  +44 (0)1213 596434

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