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KPM Marine Air Management Systems

Air Management:

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Super Marine Cyclone:

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Internal & External:

Vents / Ducts / Components

KPM Marine Engine Room Air Management Systems are designed to meet class specifications. The plug and play design enables quick installation. KPM Air Management offers the work boat operator high levels of protection and low maintenance costs by controlling air flow through the engine room and stopping ingress of dirt and water. Air output units keep the air flow through the engine room under complete control. Built in fire flap technology, provides control over mishaps within the engine room.

Features include built-in stainless steel fire skirt to class specification, insulated in A60, hard faced and sealed with aluminium for wear protection plus heavy duty fire flap and release system for ease of use. Louvers are backed by 6 layers of stainless steel mesh which act as a filter and vapour trap. This feature also meets USCG flash back specifications. The main cabinet is manufactured from 3mm aluminium and powder coated to specified colour.

As engine sizes increase and there are greater demands on deck space, KPM Super Marine Cyclone units are designed to reduce the size of the air input as well as supplying dry air to supply the vessels HVAC requirements. The innovative Cyclone Coalescer traps water and particles. Compared with conventional designs, the moist air travels greater distance which deposits water droplets on the outer surface to drain away. The light weight and compact design enable designers to position the Super Marine Cyclone air unit in exposed positions if required.

KPM Air Management systems include vents, louvers, dampers and inline duct fans to suit a wide range of applications. Internal fan systems include manual / automatic air conditioning controls and compact blowers designed specifically for the marine environment.

KPM Marine clients include:

UK Ministry of Defence, UK Border Force, Baltic Marine, Delta Marine, Royal Navy, RNLI (UK Lifeboat), London Port Authority, PD Tees Ports, Doeksen, South Boats, Iceni Windfarm, Seacat Services, MPI Windfarm Services, Atlas Elektronik, Blount Boats, US Marine Corps, Canadian Coastguard, Lung Teh, Strategic Marine.

Contact Details:-

KPM Marine - 85-90 Buckingham Street, Birmingham B19 3HU UK  +44 (0)1213 596434

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