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Maritime Interdiction Operating System


Navigation / Asset Tracking

Long Range Links:

Video / Data


Hands Free / Secure Voice

Typical Applications:

Military / Security / SAR

Drumgrange Maritime Interdiction Operating System (MIOS) is a marine Command, Control and Communications (C3) system for use in Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO). The system is designed to expand operational capability for patrol and boarding operations. Typical applications include naval patrols, boarding parties, law enforcement services, search and rescue services, Special Forces, civil defence, trade embargo enforcement, customs and excise.

MIOS incorporates automated navigation, position tracking, video and data links between a command vessel and deployable remote assets, including interdiction craft and boarding parties. This marine C3 system provides the command team, interdiction craft and boarding party with simultaneous, instant updates of asset location and the developing tactical situation. This enables personnel and assets to be deployed with greater safety, confidence and effectiveness.

The Maritime Interdiction Operating System provides secure voice communications together with long range video and data links linking the command vessel with the interdiction craft and deployed personnel. The central command position is linked via an integrated communications network to a mobile automated navigation display with asset tracking capability.

The MIOS C3 system has been developed by Drumgrange using COTS hardware. MIOS is designed to be portable, rugged and simple to use. Specialist features include hands-free voice comms, integrated comms helmet, portable computer, digital scanner and camera, secure digital imaging, hazardous gas detectors, position and track data.

Drumgrange Maritime Interdiction Operating System clients include:-

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Drumgrange Ltd - TEL +44 (0)1932 581152

Unit A, The Forum, Hanworth Lane, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 9JX UK

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