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Diamond Intercom & Radio Combiner System


Digital Intercom System


Intercom & Radio


Up to 8 Radios / 8 Users

Exposed Applications:

Waterproof to IP67

Drumgrange DIAMOND Intercom & Radio Combiner System is a digital intercom system for use on RIBs, high-speed craft and small vessels. The compact system is designed as a combined communications solution for military, coast guard, small boat patrols and Special Forces. DIAMOND provides voice connectivity between users and on-board radios and also integrates existing boat alarms to support boat and crew safety.

The system was developed to stringent end-user requirements for operations in harsh maritime environments. The DIAMOND System balances intuitive functionality and ease of use with a robust, low-maintenance design. In high tempo operations the system enables crew members to have independent access to both secure and non-secure communication networks, uninterrupted intercom facilities and full control of voice-activated comms.

The Intercom & Radio Combiner System can accommodate any radio / user combination with up to 8 radios and 8 users. Key features include user-specific VOX sensitivity control and users have the ability to personalise voice-activated comms at any time. System alarms support up to 8 user-defined audible alarm inputs, for example engine warning alarm.

The system is headset agnostic and will work with most headset configurations. The ergonomic design is for single hand operation during high-speed transit at sea. DIAMOND Intercom & Radio Combiner System is designed to Def Stan 00-35 Environmental and Def Stan 59-411 EMC requirements. The system is ruggedised for land and maritime use, waterproof to minimum IP67.

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