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Drumgrange Acoustic Hailing Device

Speech Range:

1000 metre / 3300 feet

Alarm Tone Range:

1500 metre / 5000 feet


Fixed Installation or Portable

Mounting For:

Night Vision / Camera / Searchlight

Drumgrange Acoustic Hailing Device (AHD) is a fully marinised long range communication device that is designed to operate in harsh environments. The AHD has been designed to be heard clearly at distances up to 1500m (5000 feet) on land and at sea, making it an effective communicator for commercial security, CBRN, merchant shipping, naval applications, emergency services, oil and gas platforms, port and border protection.

The unit has a modular construction and can be permanently mounted or is man-transportable between vessels or port locations. Standardised mounting enables fast deployment in a number of configurations, including tripod or ship’s rail. With just one operator, the system can be removed from its case, assembled and fully functional in less than 15 minutes.

The Drumgrange AHD has flexible mounting arrangements for auxiliary equipment including rifle scope, night vision sight, camera or searchlight. The system is completely self contained, with fully integrated amplifiers. Independent acoustic horn assemblies provide system redundancy and simplified maintenance / repair. Remote control operation enables the operator to be protected from the elements or hostile situations.

Utilising the high sound quality of STG products the Acoustic Hailing Device projects clear speech, both live and recorded, up to 1000m (3300 feet) and alarm tones up to 1500m (5000 feet) measured at SPL 152dB peak @1m at 1kHz. The standard AHD configuration gives a directional acoustic beam of 20° x 20°. If a broadcast capability is required the system can be re-configured into a 40° x 20° beam. This may be particularly useful when addressing a number of vessels or personnel across flat terrain. Standard audio input can be used to play pre-recorded messages via a Phraselater or MP3 player.

Drumgrange & STG Acoustic Hailing Device clients include:-

15 UK Psyops Group, German Psyops, NATO International Security Force

Contact Details:-

Drumgrange Ltd - TEL +44 (0)1932 581152

Unit A, The Forum, Hanworth Lane, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 9JX UK

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