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Humphree Vessel Motion Monitoring (VMM) system provides live data of vessel motions. The recent history and live data can be used to reduce vibration exposure to hull, onboard equipment and personnel. With the ability to measure and record accelerations the system can display a number of relevant parameters including potential seasickness index, average impact severity, peak impacts and heave at specific locations on the vessel.

The standard VMM system features high frequency accelerometers located in the Humphree Sensor Unit which accurately measures vessel motions in all axes. The Humphree Control Panel clearly presents data readings in a large colour display. By utilising the visual seasickness index, along with live hull impact data, the operator can decide whether actions should be taken to ensure a safer or more comfortable ride in the current sea conditions.

By monitoring vibration and impacts operators can reduce fatigue for crews and passengers in transit. Real time information from the VMM gives the captain or helmsman the opportunity to undertake safer operations. When approaching a landing or docking situation, including transfer of wind farm technicians, it is crucial to review the sea conditions in order to ensure a safe operation. With an additional Landing Sensor Unit located at the bow, the system can provide data of current vessel heave and horizontal impact accelerations.

Additional sensors can be added to increase the number of measuring points onboard. A recorder can be added to the VMM system to record vessel motions. With recorded vessel data analysis can be carried out onboard or ashore to evaluate efficiency of vessel operations. Humphree Vessel Motion Monitoring can be integrated with a Humpree ride control system or provided as a stand alone solution.

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