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Humphree Interceptor Trim Tabs

Standard Series:

Craft 7.5 to 55m / 25 to 180 feet

Width Ranges:

350 to 1500mm / 14" to 59"


50mm / 2" Below Transom

Electric Powered:

12 - 24 Volt DC

Humphree Interceptors are designed to get RIBS and high speed craft on the plane faster and to maintain the optimum running trim for fuel efficiency. The Interceptor creates pressure at the stern of the boat when the blade is deployed into the water flow under the hull. This lift changes the running trim of the vessel resulting in a lower wave resistance. Interceptors have a similar effect to trim tabs.

Different sizes of Interceptor can integrate to the transom and be custom shaped to follow the hull shape. Humphree Interceptors are constructed from composite materials which remove corrosion problems and the need for zinc anodes. The all electric Humphree system only requires a small amount of 12 - 24 Volt DC power to move the blade up and down with high precision. The Servo unit is designed to move the blade a full stroke within one second.

The HA350 Interceptor has been developed for commercial craft where trim / list control and improved manoeuvring is needed but space is limited. The HA350 Interceptor is a smaller version of the HA500 Interceptor for boat sizes between 7.5 and 13.5 metre (25 to 45ft). The HA350 can be delpoyed at operational speeds in excess of 50 knots.

Humphree Boat Control Systems are available with different levels of functions including automatic trim optimisation and co-ordinated turn control. The most advanced stabilization option provides an effective ride control system that automatically drives the Interceptors to counteract wave induced roll and pitch motion. The trim and list control can also compensate for cross winds or uneven loading.

Humphree Interceptor Trim Tabs clients include:-

SAFE Boats, Cantiere Navale Vittoria, Gladding-Hearn, Northwind, Aluminum Boats Australia, Austal, Baltic Workboats, Kvichak, South Boats, Swede Ship Marine.

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