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Torqeedo Cruise Electric Outboard Motor

Cruise - 2 Kw / 4 Kw:

5hp / 8hp Comparable Thrust

Size Options:

Short Shaft / Long Shaft


18.5kgs / 41 lbs

Recommended Battery:

Torqeedo Lithium Power

Torqeedo Cruise Electric Outboard Motors are designed to provide propulsion for inflatables, RIBs and boats. Torqeedo electric motors are quiet, efficient and environmentally friendly. The Torqeedo Cruise is recommended for boats up to a weight of 3000kg (3 tons).

The Torqeedo Cruise drive converts the used electric energy into propulsive force. The high efficiency of the drive ensures that more battery capacity is available for consumption, as it prevents the available battery capacity from being reduced due to unnecessarily high power intake. The Cruise system includes an integrated onboard computer with battery charge indicator and GPS based range calculator.

The Cruise gets its energy either from lead batteries that have been connected in series, normally two 12 volt batteries, or from the Torqeedo Power lithium-based batteries. The Torqeedo Power batteries are state of the art batteries for the electrical boat drive. The benefits of Torqeedo Power batteries include increased energy density over lead batteries, improved resistance to high current, higher charge stability, improved performance in the cold and high safety standards. Instead of only 2x 12V Batteries for the 2 kW version, you can now also use 4x 12V Batteries for the 4kW version of the Cruise motor.

To ensure that the Torqeedo motor operates with high efficiency and maximum thrust the Torqeedo propeller has been designed to the torque characteristic of the motor. The Torqeedo propeller is designated as a Variable Pitch Variable Camber (VPVC) propeller. The pitch and camber are optimized to allow the speed to be induced by the propeller at the highest rate of efficiency. Torqeedo outboard components, including the shaft and the pylon, are designed to reduce drag.

Torqeedo Electric Outboard Motor clients include:-

Military, Environment Agency, Police

Contact Details:-

Torqeedo - 37 Grand Avenue, Lowestoft,  Suffolk, NR33 7AS, UK   Tel: +44 1502 516224

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