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BAE Systems Halmatic Fast Interceptor Craft

Overall Length:

10.75 metre to 18.1 metre

Overall Length:

35.3 feet to 59.4 feet

Overall Width / Beam:

2.59 metre to 3.8 metre

Overall Width / Beam:

8.5 feet to 12.5 feet

The Halmatic range of Fast Interceptor Craft (FIC) is a range of high performance deep V hull forms designed specifically for the demanding military and coastguard sector. FIC are available in a multitude of variations that are carefully tuned to suit each individual user’s particular requirements. Cockpit layouts are typically arranged to maximise the use of modern day battle field management and situational awareness electronic aids.

A variety of navigation and communication systems are available to end user specification, including fully integrated intercom systems, radar, satcom and multiple radio installation. To maintain a low radar cross-section external fittings on the craft are kept to a minimum. Shrouding raydomes, aerials, engine inlets and outlets so that the vessel emits a low signal both in radar and in heat signatures enables the craft to have a level of stealth capability.

The hull and deck are manufactured using the most appropriate type of construction according to the operating profile and final destination repair facilities. Construction materials include epoxy carbon, pre-preg skins, Kevlar and foam cores. Most craft can be fitted with either twin davit or four point lifting systems. All craft are air transportable with special trailers available to suit different aircraft including C130 and C17.

The Halmatic range of Fast Interceptor Craft (FIC) can be rapidly reconfigured to meet different roles which can include boarding variants, fire support variants and command platform variants. The Halmatic range of FICs offer ‘off the shelf’ proven designs and innovative bespoke solutions plus the options of outboard petrol and inboard diesel stern drive, surface drive and water jet. 

Fast Interceptor Craft clients include:-

UK Special Forces, overseas Coastguards and other agencies

Contact Details:-

BAE Systems Surface Ships Support Limited

Small Boats Centre of Excellence - TEL +44 (0) 2392 726 543

Building 3/236, PP112, Military Rd, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, PO1 3NH, UK

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