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BAE Systems Halmatic Range Pacific 950

Overall Length:

9.5 metre / 31.5 feet

Overall Width / Beam:

3 metre / 9.8 feet

Maximum Payload:

3000 kg / 6614 lbs

Recommended Power:

Power is 2 x 330BHP
Power is 2 x 375BHP

The Pacific 950 has been designed from concept to meet demanding Special Forces requirements. Rapid acceleration, multi-role use combined with the ability to carry large payloads and interface with Naval shipping and aircraft are just some of the capabilities of this RIB. The Pacific 950 hull form has been optimised to improve sea keeping in developed sea states, meet heavy payloads and maximise performance.

The Pacific 950 layout is geared to multirole use with large clear flat decks and engine located amidships for optimised use of aft deck including stern ramp access to the water for specialist equipment. The console module provides controls for the coxswain, navigator, signaller and commander. The aft console has the facilities to house communications and battle space management equipment.

The Pacific 950 uses composite sandwich construction consisting of a complex blend of e-glass and carbon fibre producing a very strong but lightweight structure. The structure has been designed to meet the onerous loading requirements of multiple specialist interfaces and equipment ranging from gun mounts to high loads associated with air drop. The Pacific 950 RIB is air transportable and air deliverable from C130.

With specialist equipment integration racks the Pacific 950 RIB can be rapidly reconfigured to meet different roles including boarding variants, fire support variants and command platform variants. Within the Halmatic range of RIBs there are multiple possibilities of ‘off the shelf’ proven designs and innovative bespoke solutions. Options include outboard petrol and inboard diesel with stern drive and water jet.

Contact Details:-

BAE Systems Surface Ships Support Limited

Small Boats Centre of Excellence - TEL +44 (0) 2392 726 543

Building 3/236, PP112, Military Rd, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, PO1 3NH, UK

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