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Interphase Technologies Colour Twinscope

Forward Vertical Range:

90 Degree

Forward Horizontal Range:

90 Degree


NMEA / Video / VGA

Display Screen:

7" / 180mm

Interphase Technologies Color Twinscope SE combines the features of the original Color Twinscope with the powerful SE-200 Sonar Engine. The Color Twinscope SE operates like underwater sonic radar, scanning a moving beam over a 90-degree arc either vertically or horizontally ahead of the boat. The display cursor instantly provides range and depth to selected forward objects.

In the Forward Vertical scanning mode the Color Twinscope SE performs a scan by sending a forward looking beam from the surface ahead to the bottom below. This gives the navigator an underwater sonar image of what is ahead, from just under the surface to directly below the boat. The Forward Vertical scan is particularly useful for navigating unfamiliar waters, detecting coral, rock pinnacles and other submerged objects directly ahead of the vessel.

In the Forward Horizontal scanning mode, the Color Twinscope electronically steers a searchlight-like beam that scans back and forth over a 90 degree segment. The system picks up targets in the 12 degree beam by scanning from 45 degrees to port to 45 degrees to starboard of the bow of the boat. In shallow waters the Forward Horizontal mode can show the location of underwater channels, breaks in reefs and submerged objects.

The Interphase Color Twinscope uses the SE-200 Sonar Engine linked to the Interphase 7 inch (180mm) display with resolution enhancing 16 level colour and external alarm capability. Transducers are small and easy to install with no moving parts. The system comes standard with one thru-hull transducer or two transom mount transducers, transducer cable, VGA cable, video cable and Interphase display cable.

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