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Maritime Systems SeaTRAX - Realtime Impact & Motion Display

Vibration & Impact Data:

6 Axis / Pitch - Roll - Heave

Vessel Data:

Capability / Handling

Transfer Operations:

Personnel / Equipment

Monitoring Options:

Hull / Critical Components

Maritime Systems SeaTRAX real-time impact and motion display is designed to improve personnel safety during vessel transfer operations. SeaTRAX has been developed to meet the requirements of transfer vessels in commercial maritime sectors including maritime pilots and offshore wind farm support. It can also be used to support decision making when deploying fishing, survey and diving equipment.

SeaTRAX assists the vessel operator during the transit and transfer phase, enabling the captain to monitor all motion parameters rather than relying on significant wave as the main limiting factor. Real-time information on vessel impacts and motions are clearly displayed allowing decisions to be based on the local sea conditions.

SeaTRAX information can assist decision making by monitoring pitch, roll, heave and vessel heading. This can increase operational windows by measuring how the vessel performs and handles at various speeds in a range of conditions. The system can aid program managers in managing and extending the health and condition of both personnel and maritime assets. Integrated sensors monitor accelerations around the vessel protecting equipment from damage.

Maritime Systems is a multi-faceted design engineering company that produces its own range of products and provides consultancy support for clients globally. Maritime Systems marine products have been developed in direct response to the maritime industries requirement to monitor levels of shock and vibration that personnel are exposed to during their daily activities on vessels. Maritime Systems devices are designed for easy set up and to provide data in a simple and intuitive format.

Maritime Systems clients include:-

UK Royal Navy, Royal Marines, US Navy, Australian Army, New Zealand Defence Force, Irish Naval Service, Royal Canadian Navy, Sunseeker, Navatek, RNLI, KNRM, BAE Systems, James Fisher Marine Services, Rampion Windfarm, Galloper Windfarm, Wasco Energy, UK Police, Hong Kong Police, US Department of Homeland Security

Contact Details:-

Maritime Systems Ltd - Suite 115, South Western House, Southampton, SO14 3AL, United Kingdom

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