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VDL Protector Acoustic Laser Optronic System


Thermal Imager / Low Light Cameras


Acoustic Hailing Device

Light Deterrent:

Searchlights / Strobing Searchlights

Laser Deterrent:

Laser Pointer / Laser Disrupter

VDL Protector Acoustic Laser Optronic System provides a comprehensive threat detection and counter measures system. The VDL Protector offers 24 hour situational awareness and a non lethal first line of counter measures. Typical applications include asset protection, anti-piracy, search and rescue, man overboard, night time pilotage, target tracking and surveillance.

The Protector thermal imager enables all heat sources within a defined range to be monitored in all conditions. Low light and high zoom colour cameras may be set to display dual fields of view, enabling the crew to maintain full situational awareness while zoomed-in on a target. These multiple sensor technologies can be integreted with the vessel's radar tracking system.

In heightened security situations the Protector Acoustic Hailing Device (AHD) provides the capability to challenge unwelcome approaches and issue verbal warnings, enabling clear communications to be issued. The AHD may also be used to emit a deterrent tone if aggressors do not respond to verbal requests to desist. This is approximately equivalent to the noise of a jet aircraft at take-off.

The VDL Protector incorporates a combination of search lamps and a laser. Search lamps have the dual functions of illumination and deterrence. High power search lamps can be used for navigation and surveillance. The Protector search lamps can also be used as a strobe light, this is an effective deterrent which shocks an individuals vision leading to confusion and dizziness. A major benefit of using the laser disrupter and laser pointer in the defensive mode is that there is currently no counter-measure that a target can use to filter the beam.

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