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Graytronics Integrated Marine Communications


Multiple Radios / Intercom


Open Cockpit Applications

Noise Reduction:

Audio Speech Processors

Integrated Alarms:

Engine / Threat Radar Alert

Graytronics Marine Communications & Intercom Systems are designed for use in harsh environments. These systems, used by civil forces and in military applications, provide crystal clear audio under extreme conditions. Intercoms used in an open cockpit environment suffer from background noise from engines and wind turbulence around the microphone. To overcome this noise, Ultra Electronics has designed speech processors which modify the audio signal and allow only specified frequencies to pass through, greatly reducing noise and increasing speech clarity.

Graytronics communication and intercom systems enable multiple radios, secure and non-secure, to be integrated with crew intercoms and marine safety helmets. A typical system comprises master control box with connections for radio operators, crew intercoms and one to six radios. The systems also supports alarms (eg engine overheat, threat radar alert) and activation of emergency alerts to base units.

Designed for use in an open cockpit environment, the control box allows radio operators to transmit, using remote or integral PTT, and receive signals on any of the radios fitted on board. It also allows them to conference with the rest of the crew or connect privately to the radio. The crew control box allows the user to adjust volume and talk with the rest of crew, using toggle or button PTT.

Head sets and integrated helmet communication systems incorporate waterproof moving coil loudspeakers and waterproof noise cancelling, pressure gradient, boom-microphones are integrated with ear defenders or marine safety helmets. Options include integration with Personal Role Radio (PRR), waterproof loud hailer, waterproof loudspeaker, waterproof radio fist microphone and waterproof mobile telephone module. Multi-watch of two or more radios, emergency priority Tetra radio button and wireless modules are available.

Ultra Electronics Command & Control Systems clients include:-

UK Royal Navy, UK Royal Marines, US Coast Guard, RNLI, Hong Kong Police, Singapore Navy, Australian Police, French Marine Nationale, German Police, Royal Norwegian Navy, BP, SF Groups

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