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RHIB Command & Control System


Multiple Radios / Intercom

Command & Control:

Tactical Information System

Track Management:

Situational Awareness

Acoustic Hailing Devices:

Long Range Warning

The RHIB Command & Control System comprises of a Tactical Information Display (TID) fitted on board a parent vessel connected to a transponder unit. For Blue Force tracking the parent vessel display operator can view the movements of all transponders on boats and helicopters within radio range. Track management software correlates track data from connected radar, AIS transponders and other track sources (eg RFDF, sonar) to provide a combined track picture on the TID.

The combined track table is routed to the interdiction craft by the TID, a data radio or satellite links. The track data can be output to third party equipment in various formats such as NMEA and OTH Gold messages. Track data is displayed on a Tactical Chart and all connected displays view the same common operational picture to improve situational awareness and coordination. The TID can also display video data from onboard EO or aircraft / UAV downlink.

RHIB communications are provided by the Graytronics Integrated Communication System with optional integrated systems including Ultra HyperSpike. This is part of a range of advanced acoustic hailing devices for long range hailing, warning and notification. The devices use propriety technology to focus sound energy in a very tight, high sound pressure level transmission and are capable of delivering clear and audible messages or alarms beyond 2000 metres.

To further enhance maritime interdiction by ship’s RHIBs, Ultra is able to offer a small, high capacity line of sight radio called Orion, providing the boarding team with high bandwidth comms with the mother ship allowing video streaming, data and voice comms. This, together with Ultra’s secure wireless mesh system, provides continuous communication during challenging evolutions.

Ultra Electronics Command & Control System clients include:-

UK Royal Navy, UK Defence Agencies

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Ultra Electronics Command & Control Systems: TEL +44 1628 530000

Knaves Beech Business Centre, Loudwater, High Wycombe. HP10 9UT   UK

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