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IsoFlex Vibration Isolation Wheelhouse Mount

Load Per Mount:

100 - 1000 kg / 220 to 2200 lb


Polymer / 316 Stainless Steel

Tested To Withstand:

6G In All Axes / 10G Options

Suitable For:

New Build / Retrofit

IsoFlex Vibration Isolation Wheelhouse Mounts are designed to reduce the effects of vibration on commercial and military vessels. IsoFlex mounts provide controlled vibration and electrical isolation of superstructure and wheelhouses from vessel hulls. These mounts are used in OEM manufacture, new installations and retrofits where vibration isolation or reduction is required.

IsoFlex wheelhouse isolation mounts are used to improve stability, comfort and safety for professional vessels ranging from extreme duty, military and pilot boats to passenger ferries. The mounts can be tuned by changing the working core to suit different applications. IsoFlex can carry out a vibration model for vessels using in-house software. This assists in identifying vibration sources and estimating the vibration isolation provided by the mounting system.

To provide safety in heavy duty applications, IsoFlex isolation mounts are tested to minimum 6 G force in all axes, including inversion. Specialist mounts can be specified to withstand 10 G. The fail-safe construction is comprised of engineering grade polymer and 316 stainless steel components. IsoFlex polymers are resistant to oils, fuels, water and climatic conditions. IsoFlex wheelhouse and superstructure isolation mounts are easily maintained and re-buildable if required.

IsoFlex also designs and manufactures a range of flexible engine mounts. These feature a layer of polymer between the isolator and the engine that minimizes noise and vibration, thereby increasing the life of the engine and its related parts. Flexible engine isolators or mounts can significantly lessen the impact as the engine starts and stops, which reduce shock to the system. IsoFlex mounts are specified to isolate drive line vibration, propeller pulse and gear chatter. The mounts improve 360-degree stability, which improves the service life of drive bearings.

IsoFlex Vibration Isolation Mount clients include:-

Hart Marine, Port Philip Pilots, Strategic Marine, Incat Crowther, Aluminium Marine, Amaroo Cruises

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Contact Details:-

IsoFlex Technologies Worldwide  TEL: +61 7 5556 0924
33/75 Waterway Drive, Gold Coast Marine Precinct, Coomera, Queensland 4209, Australia

IsoFlex Technologies Americas  TEL: +1 954 420 0949
c/o Tides Marine Inc, 3251A S.W. 13th Drive, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442 USA

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