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Bennett XPT, BXT & SST Hydraulic Trim Tabs

XPT System:

9 to 14 metre / 30 to 45 feet

BXT System:

12 to 21 metre / 40 to 70 feet

SST System:

18 to 38 metre / 60 to 120 feet

Actuator & Trim Plate:

Stainless Steel

The Bennett Premier Line of XPT, BXT and SST trimming systems meet the demands of military, patrol and commercial vessels that face the most challenging conditions on the water. The dual acting hydraulic system locks the solid stainless steel actuators into place, securing the tabs in position while backing down or in other extreme conditions. XPT is designed for vessels 9 metre (30 feet) to 14 metre (45 feet). BXT is designed for vessels from 12 metre (40 feet) to 18 metre (60 feet). SST is designed for vessels from 16 metre (50 feet) to 38 metre (120 feet).

Two compact dual acting hydraulic power units, each produce about 1,100 kg (2,400 pounds) of force through two actuators. The units are precision machined, single or dual cylinder, 75mm (3-inch) stroke with no dissimilar metals to cause electrolysis. The stainless steel, heavy duty trim tab plates are manufactured of 4.7 mm (7-gauge) stainless steel with an exclusive interlocking hinge.

All Bennett Premier Systems include dual acting stainless steel actuators with no external hoses. The XPT, BXT and SST Systems can easily be retrofitted to existing vessels, and all wire lengths are customized to the vessel’s specifications. The result is a simple and efficient installation.

The three-in-one Electronic Indicator Control (EIC5000) combines highly accurate indication, precise control and convenient auto tab retraction. The unit has internal sensors so no wires or cables are exposed to the marine environment. The Electronic Indicator Control features variable intensity LEDs for night or daylight operations. Bennett’s patented Auto Tab Retractor (ATR) automatically retracts the tabs when the vessel’s ignition is turned off minimising marine growth on the actuator shafts.

Bennett XPT, BXT & SST Trim Tabs clients include:-

Navy, Coastguard, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue.

Contact Details:-

Bennett Trim Tabs - TEL +1 954 427 1400

550 Jim Moran Boulevard, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442 USA

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