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Specialist Small Craft are a developer of Personal Water Craft (PWC) for professional users. Professional Water Craft (ProWC) utilise waterjet propulsion and are increasingly selected for roles ranging from low speed environmental survey to high speed interception. PWC characteristics include small footprint, light weight, shallow draft, manoeuvrability, inversion protection and high performance. Applications include rescue, law enforcement plus specialist overt and covert military roles.

For police and law enforcement applications Specialist Small Craft can supply PWC for use as patrol craft to cover roles ranging from managing busy waterways and large public events, to security sweeps at potentially threatened water side installations. These small craft can operate alone or as teams supported by a mother craft. Shallow draft and manoeuvrability enable PWC to operate in areas that other craft cannot reach.

For military applications Specialist Small Craft can provide solution proposals, and are able to communicate at all levels, to ensure that the right craft is developed for the greatest efficiency in a wide range of potential scenarios. Specialist military PWC, in overt and covert trim, can be supplied with mil-spec options for proactive and reactive roles.

PWC can be fitted with specialist navigation, mapping and rescue equipment for a wide variety of roles. PWC can operate in shallow standing water, riverine environments, swift water and breaking surf. Rescue Water Craft (RWC) are able to operate safely with team members or casualties in the water. RWC are used in Hawaii and Australia by lifeguards in high surf conditions. Many lifeguard organisations around the world now use PWC / RWC for patrolling and rapid response.

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