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Spectre Marine High Speed Craft Training

Operating Area:


Training Applications:

MIlitary, S&R, Commercial

Specialist Training:

High Speed Navigation

Qualification Issuing:


Spectre Marine specialises in planning and conducting custom training programs in maritime related topics. The training is divided into two main groups, Specialised Government Training and Certifying Corporate Training. The Spectre philosophy is that training in the environment you operate in using your own equipment is the most beneficial. They go to the organisations location where training is carried out using the clients own boats in local conditions.

Spectre Marine has the ability to organise marine related operations globally with an extensive network of well educated and competent crewmen and instructors. Specialist learning is a constant exchange on both individual and group level. Spectre Marine training sessions are never a one-way communication. Every instructor and employee of the Spectre organisation believes that a combination of experience and knowledge leads to improvement at all levels.

Spectre Marine clients often want to improve their crew capabilities for operating high speed vessels in challenging conditions. The Spectre training includes teaching all levels of boat crews in the concepts of high speed navigation. Spectre trainers have the experience of operating the Combat Boat 90 in the Swedish archipelago. Due to the demanding coastline these crews are among the best high speed navigators in the world.

The challenge of operating in a global arena has contributed to a vast knowledge base and the ability to identify the specific needs of each client. In order to provide high quality training outcomes Spectre will first analyse each client’s level of operations, knowledge and experience. When this is achieved, objectives are established in order to reach specific training goals.

Spectre Marine clients include:-

Dutch Special Forces, Indonesian Navy SEAL - Special Police - SAR, Norwegian Harbour Police, Faroe Islands SAR, Swedish Sea Rescue Society, Swedish Amphibious Forces, Mexican Navy, Malaysian Navy

Contact Details:-

Spectre Marine - Hugo Grauers Gata 3B, 411 33 Gothenburg, Sweden TEL +46 (0) 31 165 010

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