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Reach & Rescue Telescopic Rescue Pole

Pole Length Extended:

5 m (16') to 17 m (55')

Pole Length Collapsed:

1.8m (6') to 2.6m (8' 6")

Pole Construction:

GRP Fibreglass / Carbon Fibre

Quick Release Mechanism:

Multiple Fitting Options

Reach & Rescue Telescopic Rescue Pole is designed to accurately deploy a flotation / rescue device from boats or land to a casualty. The Pole can be stored in a storage box or a fast opening bag. The Reach and Rescue Pole has been designed to improve the operator’s safety and capability at water, ice, mud or flood related incidents.

The telescopic poles are designed to collapse as short as possible and allow a rapid deployment to the maximum reach whilst remaining manageable by hand. Standard poles extend from 5 metre (16 feet) to 17 metre (55 feet) and collapse to 1.8metre (6 feet) to 2.6metre (8 feet 6"). The main safety feature is a top to base internal safety line fitted inside each telescopic tube (except for the 5m version). In the event of a breakage or disconnection the line ensures the casualty can still be retrieved.

The Reach & Rescue Pole incorporates a set of 8 telescoping tubes made from carbon fibre. They are guided and controlled by high density moulded clamps using stainless steel bolts and alloy levers. The base section of each pole is made from fibreglass to prevent the possible event of electrocution when the pole is used around overhead electrical lines.

The Reach & Rescue Pole is versatile with a large selection of flotation and retrieval attachments that are available in kits or individually. All sizes of pole have the same top end quick release mechanism that fits all attachments. This enables the Pole to be tailored to suit the requirements of the rescue situation. The Throwbag with Throwline is a separate device that can be thrown to a person in the water, enabling them to grab the rope and get pulled to safety. The Throwbag has a weighted base and is available with a 20 metre, 25 metre or 30 metre rope.

Reach & Rescue Telescopic Pole clients include:-

UK Fire and Rescue Services, Water Rescue Training Schools, Offshore Industry, Renewables, Commercial Workboats, Boat Builders, Military, Shell Aberdeen, RLSS - Royal Life Saving Society, RNLI - Royal National Lifeboat Insitution

Contact Details:-

Reach and Rescue   TEL: +44 (0)7800 921024

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