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Rescue Boat Sea Scoopa


FRB / Fast Rescue Boat


2:1 Mechanical Advantage

Casualty Position:


NATA Rated:

Loads Up To 300kg / 660lbs

The Rescue Boat Sea Scoopa assists rescuers lifting an injured or unconscious Man Over Board (MOB) onto a rescue vessel. Sea Scoopa scoops an injured or unconscious MOB whilst the vessel is still moving at a speed of 1-2 knots, allowing steerage in a difficult seaway. The Sea Scoopa process is quick and efficient, with expert crew the MOB can be scooped, lifted horizontally and stretchered in less than 60 seconds. The Sea Scoopa is designed to protect rescuers from back injury when lifting heavy casualties.

The rectangular Sea Scoopa net, contained in its integral waterproof bag, is attached fore and aft to the inside of the gunwale of the rescue vessel. The rigid outer batten of the net comprises both a float and handgrips for lifting. This batten is held out from the vessel by two jockey poles attached via flexible joints. The ‘scoop’ effect is generated by the forward end of the net being weighed down with 8mm chain, whilst the aft end is held close to the surface by a taut rope in the aft pocket.

During scooping only one crew member is required to hold out the forward end of the scoop. Once scooped and netted the MOB victim is then manually Parbuckled on board by two crew members. Because of the 2:1 mechanical advantage of the Parbuckle and the lightness of the net this is particularly effective with low freeboard inflatables and RIBs. An injured MOB can then be rolled directly into the detachable stretcher for ease of further handling.

The Rescue Boat Sea Scoopa has been been awarded a Nato Number and has been tested and certified to the ABR 5195 Standard, ‘Royal Australian Navy - Lifting and Securing Equipment, Testing and Surveying Requirements’, to a load of 300 kg for both the net and the stretcher.

Rescue Boat Sea Scoopa clients include:-

Australian Port Authorities, Rio Tinto, Westug, Bhagwan Marine, Sailability Australia, Royal Australian Navy

Contact Details:-

Sea Scoopa - 3 The Bastion, Castlecrag, Sydney NSW 2068, Australia TEL +61 408 614274

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