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Fibrelight MOB Recovery Cradle


Webbing / Carbon Fibre Rods

Lighweight & Compact:

Rolls for Stowage in Bag

Available Lengths:

2m / 3m / 4m / 5m

SOLAS Approved:

Tested to ISO 799

Fibrelight Recovery Cradle is a SOLAS approved maritime recovery system that can be operated by a single crew member. The Cradle can also serve as a boarding ladder, scramble net or temporary stretcher for casualty evacuation. The Recovery Cradle is light, compact and can be easily rolled for stowage. Available in orange or black.

The Fibrelight Recovery Cradle is primarily designed for use by rescue craft, rigid inflatables, ship lifeboats and marinas however it has various uses. The Fibrelight Cradle can be used to bring incapable persons onboard. This is achieved by one end of the Cradle being secured to the craft and the outboard end being held outwards by hand, boat hook or bridle. The casualty is then guided into the Cradle and the outboard end is hauled in. The person is then safely rolled over the side and into the craft.

The Fibrelight Recovery Cradle is manufactured using Carbon Fibre re-enforcing rods enclosed within tubular webbing with flanges. When fitted and sewn at right angles between the double thickness pockets of a second webbing a high strength structure is created. Fibrelight Cradles are 1.3 metre (4ft) wide and are available in lengths of 2m (6.5ft), 3m (10ft), 4m (13ft), 5m (16.5ft). The Cradles are designed to be strong and lightweight, the 3 metre Cradle only weighs 5 kg (11lb).

The CQC Fibrelight Cradle has been tested to ISO 799 as part of SOLAS approval. This required successive rungs to be loaded to 900kg (1980lbs) and sustained for one minute without failure. The construction has also been tested and approved for thermal ageing, weathering, UV light, oil resistance and practical performance.

Fibrelight Recovery Cradle clients include:-

Lifeboats, Training Centres, Commercial Shipping, Special Forces, professional user information to follow


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CQC Ltd, Riverside Road, Barnstaple, Devon EX31 1NB UK  TEL: +44 (0)1271 345678

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