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We are constantly looking for inspiration from other water users and the elements. For fast craft operating in waves it is important to understand the forces that the vessel is experiencing. Wind powered water craft are getting faster and more efficient from a combination of aeronautical and marine technology including hydrofoils, wing sails and kites. Solar power is proving to be a viable energy source onboard and for propulsion.

RNLI UK Lifeboat - 24 Rescues A Day

RNLI Crews In Action: This 2 minute video captures rough seas, stormy weather and rip currents. These are just some…

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Round The World solar boat Turanor PlanetSolar

MS Tûranor PlanetSolar is the largest solar boat in the world. This 35 metre (115 feet) catamaran operates solely on…

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Storm Surfers - How Heavy is a Big Wave

An incredible amount of water threatens the life of a big wave surfer. Australian Storm Surfers Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom…

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Biggest Teahupoo - Extreme Wave Riding

Many are calling this day the biggest and gnarliest Teahupoo ever ridden. The French Navy labelled this day, during the…

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High Performance SOLAR Boat World Championship

Solar powered boats from three continents are running fast and very cool at Solar1. In July 2014 Monaco hosted the first…

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FOIL: Hydrofoil Sailing - Americas Cup 2013

AC72 on foils at speeds of over 40 knots. Oracle Team USA crew show what it's like to fly their…

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FOIL: Hydrofoil Kiting - Foil Boards at Golden Gate

Foil Boarding with kites at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. As the kite powers up the foils gives the…

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FOIL: Hydrofoil Surfing - Foil Boards in Hawaii

Tow in surfing with Foil Boards. Hydrofoil fins on surfboards with footstraps give Hawaiian watermen a smoth ride on big…

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Willard Marine Interceptor - AC72 Umpire Boat

Willard Marine high speed military spec Interceptor keeping up with 40 knot Americas Cup racing in San Francisco Bay.…

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Oracle Racing - Americas Cup AC72 Chase Boat

Naiad Inflatables has produced a custom 12.9 metre (42 foot) RHIB as tender / chase boat for Oracle…

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NEXT GEN Marine BATTERY Workshop via Teams

NEXT GEN Marine BATTERY Workshop is being held via…

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The Challenges of Unpredictable Marine Energy

From military to superyacht, it is clear there is an urgent…

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Southampton International Boat Show 2024

13 to 22 September 2024
Southampton UK

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Foiling and Flying RIBs

Foiling powerboat designed to meet military needs - fast, stable, silent, fuel-saving. Collaboration by SEAir Foiling Systems and Sillinger RIBs.…

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