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Piratecom Radio Systems


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IC5T Intercom

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Internal or External

Piratecom low noise intercom and headset products are designed to give marine professionals high quality communication with superior hearing protection. Piratecom headsets and intercoms can be installed at multiple locations to provide seamless communication through various interfaces. The Piratecom system allows operators to listen to external radio and comms transmissions while listening to onboard crew conversations as clearly as if in a room on land.

Wind, wave and engine noise combine to make communicating among crew members difficult. If communication among crew members requires shouting it can create a situation where work and safety communications are subject to interpretation errors. High volume and poor quality comms can result in misunderstood radio messages, accelerated crew fatigue and slow reaction times.

Many marine operations need to listen clearly to Military, Police, Fire and emergency VHF transmissions but due to external noise radio calls can be missed or have to be repeated. By turning the radio volume up even louder crews can be subjected to short term ringing in the ears and long term impaired hearing. Piratecom systems can eliminate these problems and assist marine operators in executing a successful mission.

Piratecom offers a complete kit to upgrade any vessel with intercom, headsets and Extreme Noise Cancelling microphones. The kit is available for up to a 5 person configuration. This system allows clear and crisp intercom communications between people on the vessel while hearing external tactical and VHF radios. A cell phone can also be plugged into the intercom which allows users onboard to have a clear conversation with shore personnel.

Piratecom Marine Communication System clients include:-

Navy, Coastguard, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, professional user information to follow

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Piratecom - 5045 Pottsville Pike, Reading, Philadelphia 19605 USA

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