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David Clark - Series 9900 Wireless Communication

DECT Technology:

Wireless / Noise Cancelling


Headsets / Gateway / Wireless Belt


Most HF - VHF - UHF Radios


Industrial / Marine-Grade Components

David Clark - Series 9900 Wireless Headset Communication System, based on the latest DECT technology, provides maximum freedom and mobility as well as clear communication for crew and personnel onboard rescue, law enforcement, patrol, military, professional and commercial vessels. The wireless system provides enhanced mobility to move about the craft, without being tethered to intercoms or equipment, while communicating in normal voice levels despite wind and engine noise.

Series 9900 Wireless system components include universal gateways, wireless belt stations and noise-attenuating headsets in a variety of styles. Universal Gateways act as a relay between belt stations and existing David Clark or other OEM wired intercom systems. Wireless Belt Stations connect directly to headsets. There are no long cords to get tangled or snagged on equipment. Users can communicate from a range of up to 300 feet (100 metres) from the gateway.

Series 9900 Wireless Headsets are available in behind-the-head, over-the-head and under-helmet styles. They are designed to overcome the communication challenges of high wind and engine noise, allowing users to communicate clearly in normal voice levels via the intercom or crew-to-crew. All headsets feature M-2, dynamic noise-cancelling microphones for clear, crisp communication and are equipped with dual volume controls to adjust preferred hearing levels in each ear. Air-flow pillow head pads and gel ear seals provide users with maximum comfort during long periods of use.

Wireless communication system components are designed with stainless steel hardware and watertight components to withstand the rigors of the marine environment, while providing clear, reliable communications to support safe operations. David Clark Wireless Headset Communication Systems are compatible for use with existing David Clark wired marine intercom systems and with most HF, VHF and UHF radios.

David Clark Marine clients include:-

United States Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard, United Arab Emirates Coast Guard, United States Customs and Border Protection, KNRM (Dutch Rescue Service), United States Navy, Singapore Navy, Dutch Navy, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, SAFE Boats International, Zodiac Hurricane

Contact Details:-

David Clark Company - 360 Franklin Street, Worcester, MA 01604, USA

Telephone within USA: 800 298 6235

Telephone outside USA: +1 508 751 5800

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