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STIDD 800V53 Shock Mitigating Seat

Seat Type:

Suspension Seat / Bolster

Seat Dimensions:

H 1625 x W 710 x D1020 mm
H 64" x W 28" x D 40"

Seat Weight:

65 kgs / 145 lbs



STIDD 800V53 Shock Mitigation Seat or Bolster provides maximum comfort and safety for long duration, high-speed, open-water transits. The ergonomic design of the STIDD 800V53 can reduce repetitive orthopedic stress injuries that result from violent slam loads in rough conditions.

The STIDD 800V53 utilises a proprietary Shock Isolation System with 175mm (7”) stroke. The system includes an internal valve regulated, nitrogen pressurized, shock absorber with accumulator and status indicator. The shock absorber is factory adjusted to a pre-compressed height designed to support the weight of the seat carriage plus an average weight occupant. The shock absorber has an access port in the base of the seat for onboard pre-load adjustment.

The modular frame construction is designed for single or double seat configuration. The stainless steel footrest can be folded away and the STIDD 800V53 seat quickly converts to the standing position with fully sprung bolster. Features include fold-away locking reinforced armrests and forearm supports with stealth handgrips. There is the option of an armrest enclosure for operator input device.

Components are non-corrosive and the welded aluminum alloy structure is hard-coat anodized or powder coat finished. The upholstery is black Hi-Tenacity Polyester with the option of UltraLeather. Options include corrosion resistant stainless CRES lap belt or 4-point harness. The 800V53 Shock Mitigating Operator Seat has been installed aboard the MkV Special Operations Craft that operates in 3 metre (8 to 10 foot) seas at over 50 knots.

STIDD 800V53 Shock Mitigating Seat clients include:-

United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), United States Navy (USN), United States Naval Special Warfare (NSW), United States Coast Guard (USCG), United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), United States Marines (USMC), Canadian Coast Guard (CCG)

Contact Details:-

Stidd Systems Inc - TEL +1 631 477 2400

220 Carpenter Street, PO Box 87, Greenport, New York 11944 USA

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