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Prop Guard Propeller Guard


Reduce Risk of Propeller Injury


Increase Propeller Thrust


230mm to 450mm / 9" to 16"
For 5hp to 350hp Motors


Injection Moulded Polypropylene

Prop Guard® Propeller Guard is a two piece polypropylene plastic injection moulded cage that covers the propeller. The Prop Guard is attached by a specially designed clamp system and bolts. The Prop Guard’s two halves are attached like a clam shell to the cavitation plate and the skeg of any outboard or stern drive motor. The Prop Guard is a propeller guard with no moving parts that can be installed in minutes with basic tools.

Prop Guard is designed to surround the propeller like a nozzle. The nozzle action moves water with a controlled directional force which gives the boat improved handling and more power. This nozzle action is accomplished with no moving parts to adjust or replace. The hydrofoil nozzle configuration of the Prop Guard creates forward thrust, which overcomes its own drag and also provides an effective trim without drag.

Prop Guard can increase the thrust of the propeller. The loss of kinetic energy due to rotational flow in the water downstream of the propeller can be partially recovered by the guide vanes of the Prop Guard as it creates a counter rotation vortex, reducing the torque effect of the rotating propeller.

Organisations that have divers, swimmers or the possibility of casualties in the water when operating outboard or stern drive propeller systems have an increased risk of injury. Prop Guard is designed to protect persons in the water. Installation of the Prop Guard can reduce propeller blade injuries to humans and marine life.

Prop Guard Propeller Guard clients include:-

US Navy, US Coast Guard, Naval Special Warfare Development Group, NOAA, US Geological Services, LA County Parks & Recreation, Santa Barbara Harbour Patrol, City of Chicago Fire Dept, Westminster Fire Dept, Southampton Fire Dept

Contact Details:-

Prop Guard Marine Inc - TEL +1 719 783 2639

PO Box 630, Westcliffe, CO 81252 USA

Prop Guard Europe - TEL +44 (0)1590 613600

BHG Marine - Ampress Park, Southampton Road, Lymington, SO41 8NA UK

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