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MJP Ultrajet Waterjet


Commercial / Military

Engine Sizes:

100 to 1340 kW / 134 to 2172 hp


Lightweight / Compact / Durable

MJP Control System:

Mechanical or Electronic

MJP Ultrajet propulsion systems are rated for commercial and military operating conditions. Ultrajet propulsion features high-efficiency single-stage axial-flow pump elements with a variety of intake housings and control options. A wide range of impellers match most marine diesel engines from 100 to 1340 kW (134 to 2172 hp) per jet with the appropriate direct drive or reduction gear ratio.

Manufactured from marine grade aluminium, the MJP Ultrajet is both compact and lightweight with high quality standards. The fully integrated design provides ease of installation and maintenance. With durability a priority, the Ultrajet is able to withstand use in harsh environments and shallow waters. Low vibration and waterborne noise is particularly important for military applications.

The split duct reverse deflector and steering nozzle offers excellent manoeuvrability at both high and low speeds. The MJP control system comprises of integrated hydraulics driven by either mechanical or electronic controls. The system can include additional steering stations and integration with interceptors and auto pilot. The MJP Ultrajet High Thrust (HT) delivers extra performance where high bollard pull, heavy load carrying, high acceleration and high cavitation margins are required.

Marine Jet Power (MJP) has designed and manufactured high performance waterjet propulsion systems for over 30 years. Based in Sweden, MJP is a global supplier with a geographical presence in the EMEA region, North & South America and the APAC region. MJP offers a modularised and scalable portfolio of waterjets with extensive support ranging from initial design and installation to a 5 year warranty.

MJP clients include:-

Metal Craft Marine, Dockstavarvet, Tampa Defence, Tuco Yacht, Wavecraft, Spencer Yachts.   Professional user information to follow

Contact Details:-

Hansellisgatan 6, 754 50 Uppsala, SWEDEN   Tel: +46 (0)10 165 10 00

6740 Commerce Court Drive, Blacklick, OH 43004, UNITED STATES   Tel: +1 614 759 9000

31 Stuart Dr, Henderson, WA 6166, AUSTRALIA   Tel: + 61 408 933 887

Gamcheonhang-ro 165-4, Saha-gu, 49454 Busan, Korea  Tel: +82 (51) 746 6428

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