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SEAir Retractable 4 Foil System

Typical Length of Vessel:

8 to 15 metres

Human Factors:

Reduce Impact / Reduce Fatigue

Fuel Benefits:

Increase Range / Reduce Consumption


Commercial / Military / Fast Transport

SEAir Retractable 4 Foil System is designed to enable a boat equipped with two engines to develop lift and foil. The two main ‘forward hydrofoils’ are installed near the centre of the vessel and can be designed to retract inside the console. The two ‘rear hydrofoils’ are located on the stern, close to the transom. This patented SEAir concept enables beaching, docking and trailer towing without damage to the foils.

Hydrofoil design is crucial to the success of getting a boat airborne and keeping it flying safely in a range of sea conditions. SEAir design team expertise provides optimal sizing of the foils, along with the profile and structure. SEAir foiling systems are designed to be safe and predictable. By using engine Trim the boat driver optimises fore and aft stability of the boat.

As each boat is unique no foiling system is ‘plug and play’. If a boat builder wants to add foils onto an existing boat, a study is required to define structure reinforcements and depending on the centre of gravity the optimum location of main hydrofoils. SEAir foiling system design service utilises many years of expertise in foiling power boats and sailing yachts. In partnership with boat builders, SEAir can assist with alterations to existing boats or contribute to the design of new foiling boats from 7 metre to over 30 metre.

SEAir foiling systems are designed to provide a reduction in fuel consumption and shock mitigation, enabling boats and people to travel further at sea in comfort. Professional applications range from high performance tenders and fast passenger transport to specialist military platforms. SEAir have developed a specific version for use on military assault boats. This configuration enables the hydrofoils to be flush on the hull when retracted, with tubes clear for coming alongside.

SEAir clients include:-

French Navy, Sillinger, Zodiac Nautic, Beneteau, Zodiac Milpro, French Special Forces

Contact Details:-

SEAir - Tel: +33 (0)9 72 60 10 84

10 rue du Chalutier les 2 Anges, 56100 Lorient, France

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