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Shockwave ICE 3 - Integrated Crew Environment

Suspended Cockpit:

Multi Axis Shock Mitigation

FOX H2O FLOAT Suspension:

300mm / 12 inch Travel

Shock Mitigation:

Crew / Controls / Electronics

Configuration Options:

2 to 6 Person

Shockwave ICE 3 - Integrated Crew Environment - is designed to carry the operator plus instruments and controls in suspension. Shockwave ICE are suspended cockpits designed to provide adjustable, multi-axis shock mitigation for vessel crews, equipment and electronics. Mounting the controls in suspension enhances vessel control and reduces operator fatigue. Integrating electronics into the suspension package also protects sensitive equipment from shock damage and makes instruments easier to read. The ICE3 chassis can be configured in any length or width and for 2 to 6 persons.

The combined Shockwave ICE system is designed to not bottom out in severe impacts while retaining comfortable cushioning in lighter sea conditions. The adjustable progressive spring rate FOX H2O FLOAT shock absorber has 300mm (12”) travel which provides a high level of shock mitigation and vibration attenuation. The Low Stiction Linear Suspension includes internal bump and topping protection. If required the ICE3 can also carry climate controls, weather protection, sensors, antennas and self-righting gear.

Seating upholstery features high energy absorption, form fitting, low point load, Corbin Design cushions. Shockwave seat frame construction is welded aluminum with fibreglass shell. Foam is closed cell non-hygroscopic covered by premium quality black fabric, other colours are available. The robust construction utilises 316 Stainless Steel parts and hardware. Components include 5086 and 6061 marine grade aluminum, certified MIG and TIG welded. Galvanic corrosion protection includes black powder coated weldments, plus hard anodized machined finish or machine or cast components.

Shockwave design, develop and manufacture a range of marine suspension seating. Shockwave is dedicated to marine safety and adventure with a history of taking products into some of the most severe open water conditions on the planet. Extreme on water testing is backed by laboratory testing in a controlled environment. Shockwave has its own drop testing system and continues to utilise analysis of metrics to innovate in the field of performance suspension systems for marine craft.

Shockwave clients include:-

Canadian Coast Guard, US Coast Guard, US Navy, US SOCOM, French Commandos, Italian Special Forces, German Armed Forces, Swedish Navy, Irish Coast Guard, German Sea Rescue, Polish Navy, Saudi Forces, UAE Navy, Indian Ministry of Defense, Australian Police & Coast Guard

Contact Details:-

Shockwave - TEL +1 778-426-8545

2074 Henry Avenue West (Mail to Box 2175) Sidney, BC, Canada V8L 3S6

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