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Echo Pilot 3D Forward Looking Sonar

Sonar Type:

Forward Looking

View Type:

3 Dimensional




S & Composite Video / VGA / DVI

Echopilot 3D Forward Looking Sonar displays a 3 dimensional real time sonar image of what is actually ahead of the boat, not a chart rendered into 3D. Most vertical depth sounders show an average depth behind the boat. The EchoPilot Forward Looking Sonar shows seabed terrain, depths and potential hazards as a high definition underwater view of the underwater scene ahead of the boat.

Twin retractable transducers ensure complete forward coverage whatever the hull form. The view ahead is 60 degrees in the horizontal plane and over 90 degrees in the vertical plane and the forward range is up to 200 metres (656 feet). The screen updates every 1 to 2 seconds depending on the range setting.

The EchoPilot FLS Platinum offers all the best features of the EchoPilot Forward Looking Sonar range, displayed on a full colour wide screen. The 1/4 VGA display colour screen LCD gives high definition contrast and viewability. Colour gives more information about the nature of the sea bed as different fields or types of information are shown in contrasting colours enabling the navigator to assimilate information intuitively.

Operation can be fully automatic, with range and gain self adjusting, or the operator can override each function. NMEA compatible and available as a black box the 3D FLS outputs include S and Composite video plus VGA and DVI for a full colour picture on a wide range of compatible displays. GPS Repeater Screens are available for vessels with the master GPS located at a different station.

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