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SkyDec Tactiplot GPS Navigation Suite

DGPS Receiver:

Military GPS Option

TFT LCD Display:

Bright Sunlight Viewable


To IP65 Standard

Maritime Charts Installed:

Option To Import Tactical Charts

The SkyDec Tactiplot navigation suite is designed for small military craft as used by Special Forces units in combat and by law enforcement organisations. The navigation suite is designed to function under the most severe conditions and to meet the highest demands possible in circumstances where the stakes are high but the amount of space is extremely limited.

The SkyDec Tactiplot navigation suite offers users all the tools necessary to navigate and operate in any environment by combining multiple inputs and presenting them on one multifunctional display unit, including imported tactical charts and the option of military GPS. The user-friendly interface combined with the professional military and maritime features make the Tactiplot navigation suite an operation improving navigation solution for small military craft.

The suite comprises a fluxgate electronic compass, civil DGPS receiver, digital navigation radar and shallow water Echo Sounder. The integrated, multifunctional Electronic Navigation Display (for RADAR, electronic chart and Echo Sounder) supporting equipment for connection with a military GPS receiver, interface with WAIS and a power and interface unit. The ultra-bright sunlight viewable TFT LCD display ensures excellent contrast and wide viewing angle. Display is viewable with NVG.

The Tactiplot system is equipped with facilities to import military tactical charts which can be projected over the real time location data and installed maritime charts. The system can be equipped with multiple fully interfaced and built-in, SAASM based military GPS receivers enabling users to switch between civil DGPS signal and the military GPS signal (L1/L2) without having to switch between hardware interfaces.

SkyDec Tactiplot GPS Navigation Suite clients include:-

Dutch Special Forces, Dutch Royal Marines, DSI (Part of the Atlas group), DSU (Part of the Atlas group), Wasserschutz Polizei, Dutch General Inspection Service (AID)

Contact Details:-

SkyDec B.V. Mercuriusstraat 40, 3133 EN Vlaardingen, The Netherlands TEL +31 (0) 104 627 777

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