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David Clark Marine Intercom Systems

Headset Communication:

Wireless & Wired Systems

Wireless Range:

Approx 100 metres / 300 feet


Industrial / Marine Grade


Most HF / VHF / UHF Radios

David Clark Company is a manufacturer of both wired and wireless Headset Communication Systems for a variety of marine vessels and applications. Systems are designed to provide clear communication and hearing protection from engine roar and wind noise. All system components are built with industrial and marine-grade materials to withstand the rigors of harsh marine environments with weather-tight construction, making them resistant to salt and spray. All David Clark wired and wireless systems offer a variety of headset styles and are compatible with most HF, VHF and UHF radios.

The new 9900 Series Wireless Communication Systems allow crew members to move about freely without being tethered to the vessel. Universal gateways provide the wireless link to the wired intercom. Each gateway accommodates up to four users with wireless belt stations. Users can communicate at a range of up to 300 feet (approximately 100 metres) from the gateway. Wireless systems are compatible for use with existing wired marine intercom systems.

The 9800 Series Marine Intercom is a wired system designed for use on "go-fast" and other high performance boats. The system will accommodate up to six crew members, with two having radio transmit capability on up to two radios, and all having the ability to monitor both radios and an auxiliary audio source.

The 9500 Series Marine Intercom is a wired system for workboats and commercial vessels. The system accommodates up to eight crew members, all of which have radio transmit capability on up to three radios.

David Clark Marine clients include:-

United States Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard, United Arab Emirates Coast Guard, United States Customs and Border Protection, KNRM (Dutch Rescue Service), United States Navy, Singapore Navy, Dutch Navy, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

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David Clark - 360 Franklin Street, Worcester, MA 01604, USA TEL +1 800 298 6235

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