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Gentex LVIS Digital Communication System


Wireless or Hard Wired


1500 m Line of Sight


Use with 1 - 8 long range radio's

Military Specification:

Mil-Std-461 & Mil-Std-810

The GENTEX digital, Littoral Vessel Intercom System (LVIS digital) is a modular intercom system specially designed for crew intercommunication and radio access in combatant, patrol and rescue craft. LVIS digital is a rugged, light-weight, marine grade, water resistant, hard-wired crew communication system available with an integrated wireless access system. A fully integrated system offers a complete hard-wired and wireless solution that is easily configurable and adaptable to the ever-changing mission profiles encountered in daily operations.

Crew connection points provide hard-wired access for each crew member, including hands-free voice communication with other crew members. Each crew connection point provides independent selection of receive / transmit capability over any of the interconnected radio systems, based on access rights programmed through the intercom control. The system provides DC power through the headwear connection points to enable the use of headgear equipped with Active Noise Reduction (ANR).

The integration of a wireless access point to the system allows the use of up to six full duplex GENTEX portable transceivers providing the crew with a hybrid hard-wired and wireless intercom system for maximum operational flexibility. Each portable transceiver remains in standby mode with its battery charging when connected through a hardwire connection and automatically goes to live mode once disconnected, providing seamless transition from wired to wireless operation without loss of communication integrity.

LVIS complies with numerous military specifications including Mil-Std-461 and Mil-Std-810. In addition to the LVIS Intercom System, GENTEX offers a variety of helmet and headset styles to suit most field requirements including: impact protection, ballistic protection, hearing protection (with and without ANR) and talk-through circuits.

Gentex LVIS Digital Communication System clients include:-

Navy, Coastguard, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, professional user information to follow

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Gentex - 324 Main St, Simpson, PA 18407 USA

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