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Coastal Pro OEM Suspension Seat Mechanism


Dual Parallel Swing Arms

Shock Absorber:

Coil Spring / Nitrogen Damping


Aluminium 316 / Stainless Steel


5.5 kgs / 12 lbs

Coastal Pro OEM Suspension Seat Mechanism has been designed as a lightweight and compact shock mitigation seating solution. This mechanism enables OEM boat builders to fabricate their own suspension seats using their own seat designs and upholstery.

The OEM Mechanism is an adaptive shock mitigation mechanism and uses dual parallel swing arms and a coil spring shock absorber to offer 130mm (5”) of progressive vertical travel to smooth out impacts. Vector travel is 170mm (7"). The shock absorber has adjustable spring pre-load which enables the OEM Mechanism to be easily adjusted to provide a comfortable ride for a variety of occupant weights and sea conditions up to a maximum seat capacity of 135kgs (300 lbs).

For retro-fit applications a standard seat base can be utilised by removing the fixed seat top and replacing with a suspension mechanism. The OEM Mechanism offers simple installation and can be retrofitted to most existing jockey seat bases whilst retaining existing under-seat storage. It can also be used on combined straddle seat with helm console designs.

The Coastal Pro OEM Mechanism (CPXR) has been developed for the commercial boat operator and is manufactured entirely from marine grade components. Construction materials include marine grade aluminium and 316 stainless steel. The OEM Mechanism weighs 5.5kgs (12 lbs). The base plate hole patterns are compatible with a wide range of existing seat bases and custom base plates are available to order.

Coastal Pro Seat clients include:-

XS-RIBS, Flugga Boats, Sea RIBs, Gemini Marine. Professional user information to follow

Contact Details:-

Coastal Pro - 311 Shoreham Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. S2 4FA.  UK TEL +44 (0)1332 960086

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