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SHOXS X4 Shock Mitigating Seat Mount Pedestal

Suspension Travel:

4.4 inch (112 mm) Adjustable

Structure Material:

Anodized Aluminum / Silver or Black

Adjustable Height:

15.8" (401 mm) to 20.3" (516mm)

Typical Weight:

19.6 lb (8.9 kg)

SHOXS X4 Shock Mitigating Seat Pedestal can be used to mount a wide range of seats. Based on proven military shock mitigation systems, the design and technology has been packaged into a compact unit that will integrate with most seat modules for commercial and recreational use. Using SHOXS Air Damping Technology the X4 Pedestal offers 4.4 inches (112 mm) of adjustable suspension travel and is available in silver or black hard anodized finish.

The X4 Pedestal is equipped with an adjustable mounting flange to enable integration with most helm layouts. The compact design with 10" (254mm) flange is suitable for mounting in confined spaces on both open boats and wheelhouse designs. For new vessels and retrofit projects, X4 pedestals can be mounted directly onto the deck or on deck mounted boxes. Options include height adjustment and adjustable suspension.

X Series Pedestals can incorporate a swivel or swivel/slider. The SHOXS square adapter plate provides a universal method for mounting a wide range of marine seats. Pedestals can be packaged with a SHOXS 3200, 3400, or 3700 bucket seat. SHOXS seats are available with grey metal and black or grey upholstery. Customized upholstery materials and colours are available to order.

The SHOXS engineering team works closely with suppliers to develop a wide range of technology led products to meet the requirements of boat builders and end user organisations. The objective is high quality engineering coupled with a variety of configurations to meet the widest range of applications. The SHOXS product line is constantly advanced through sea trials, lab testing, science and engineering. The SHOXS Development Lab is a global leader in shock mitigation research and design.

SHOXS suspension seat clients include:-

UK Royal Navy, US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Customs & Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security, Canadian Special Forces, Swedish Navy, Armada de Mexico, Finnish Navy, Chilean Navy, Columbian Coast Guard, Singapore Navy, French Special Forces, Italian Border Guard, Dutch Royal Marine Corps

Contact Details:-

CDG Coast Dynamics Group - TEL +1 250 652 6003

Unit 102-2932 Ed Nixon Terrace, Victoria BC, V9B 0B2 Canada

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