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SKYDEX Boat Deck Custom Solutions

Shock Mitigation:

Reduces Shock & Vibration

Anti-slip Top Surface:

Stable Under Foot

Self Draining:

Suitable for Open Boats


Military Specification

SKYDEX Boat Deck is a high-performance boat decking range that uses patented energy-absorbing geometries to cushion impacts and absorb vibration on RHIBs and high speed craft. The objective of SKYDEX Boat Deck is to reduce the potential for injury to personnel and protect equipment carried on deck when exposed to wave slam events in fast craft operations.

On boats the shock transfer to crews and passengers standing on non-cushioned deck surfaces is significant when operating at speed in moderate and extreme sea states. In laboratory testing SKYDEX Boat Deck is proven to mitigate the effects of shock and spread the force of severe impacts over a longer period of time.

SKYDEX Boat Deck is available in a range of products based on the level of deck coverage and customization required. SKYDEX Boat Deck Max Coverage is a custom fit option that is water jet cut to cover the complete boat deck. Custom installation is performed by SKYDEX installers. Decking material is cut to fit around consoles and seating. Decking can be modified to allow access to hatches, tie downs, weapons mounts and deck fittings.

SKYDEX Boat Deck Helm Custom is available to cover a helm area when a full deck kit is not required. The custom section is factory water-jet cut to an approved template. Ramped moldings are available for a smooth transition at the mat edges. SKYDEX Boat deck is also available in three fixed dimension sizes that are a portable ‘drop in’ mat designed to fit the helm and crew station on many craft.

SKYDEX Boat Deck clients include:-

US Navy, Nielsen Beaumont, USMI (United States Marine Inc), Metal Shark, Brunswick Marine, Silver Ships, CDI Marine, Fraser’s Marine, Beach Marine, Law Enforcement Agencies

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