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Seven Marine 557 hp Outboard

Prop Shaft Power:

557 hp @ 5400 RPM (415kW)

Engine Configuration:

Horizontal 90 degree V8


6162cc / 376ci

Engine Construction:

All Aluminum

Seven Marine 557 hp Outboard Engines are designed for high performance. Power is provided by a fuel-injected marinized 6.2 litre supercharged small-block V8, managed by the General Motors MEFI 6 engine controller. Design objectives contributing to fuel economy include weight savings, with low profile above water and reduced outboard leg drag. Two 1100 hp engines deliver the same horsepower as four 275 hp engines. Four engine installations take the combined horsepower to over 2200 hp.

The ZF Marine transmission has been specifically designed for the Seven Marine 557. Fly-by-wire controls, wet disc clutches and spiral bevel gears provide smooth progressive transfer of power from the engine to the propeller. The horizontal crankshaft compliments a quick-change gear system that can provide various combinations of speed, torque and fuel economy. The 557 gear ratios can be optimized for virtually any vessel from one to four engine setups, step bottoms, deep vee hulls or catamarans.

The 3.5" (90 mm) exhaust combined with traditional thru-hub outlets keeps noise to a minimum when underway. Jacketed stainless steel headers keep temperatures cool while minimizing back pressure, improving fuel economy and top-end performance. Closed-loop cooling is provided by ethylene glycol continuously flowing through the 557 hp engine. To minimise corrosion and extend engine life, seawater is pumped by twin counter-rotating gear driven impellers, through engineered coolant and oil heat exchangers, without contacting internal engine components.

The power of the Seven Marine 557 is harnessed and controlled by the ZF Smart Command 5000 system. The computer-controlled transmission can be operated by conventional throttles or joystick. At speed, a rigid tie bar maintains motor alignment for precise high speed steering.

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