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Bobs Machine Shop Hydraulic Jack Plate

Ultra HD:

Lifts Outboards up to 300hp

Extreme Series:

Lifts Outboards over 400hp

Double Jac:

Lifts Twin Outboards

Stabilzer Plate:

Improves Planing / Performance

Bob's Machine Shop Hydraulic Jack Plate is designed to raise the height of outboard engines. Jack Plates are bolted to the boat between the transom and engine. They are available in a range of sizes to suit different engines. Jack Plates use a hydraulic pump to raise or lower the outboard which reduces drag and improves propeller efficiency. For professional operators the dual objective is to improve fuel economy and to increase top speeds. Additional benefits to performance include quicker planing, improved acceleration and safer running in shallow water.

Bob's Machine Shop (BMS) Ultra HD 4" (100mm) can lift a 300hp outboard under full power 7.5" (190mm) in approximately 7 seconds. Made of 6061-grade aluminum, the Ultra HD 4" only weighs 37lb (17 kg) and is strong enough to lift the new generation of heavier 4-stroke outboards. The BMS Extreme Series Jack Plate is designed for 350+hp engines. The BMS Double Jac is designed to lift twin outboard engines at the same time with a single pump, which eliminates the need to synchronise twin Jack Plates.

The BMS Jack Plate uses a hi-tech bearing that does not absorb water. The plates feature automobile-type grease fittings. All hydraulic pumps on BMS Jackplates are mounted inside the boat, which lowers the transom weight and reduces corrosion. The Jack Plate is adjusted at the helm with a button control. Optional electronic gauges adjust to bright sunlight or overcast conditions. The gauges show the exact height of the Jack Plate within 1/8" (3mm).

The BMS Stabilzer Plate is designed to get the boat on the plane quicker, keep the boat on the plane at lower speeds, reduce porpoising and increase top speed for various hull designs. The broad tail BMS Stabilzer Plate attaches under the cavitation plate which spreads the load.

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