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MPT Thrustor System & Propeller Guard

Multi Nozzle Venturi:

Improves Control

Directional Thrust:

Improves Performance

Propeller Guard:

Protects Personnel In Water


Aluminum / Akadize

MPT Thrustor Nozzle system creates a directional column of propeller thrust that improves operating performance, maneuverability and stability of a vessel. The Thrustor Nozzle generates lift to get planing craft on plane faster (hole shot). Craft with a heavy tow can maintain operational hull profile in a wider range of sea states. The skeg mount integrates the system to the cavitation plate, creating a structure that protects the propeller and lower end drive train.

The Thrustor Nozzle system consists of two or more hydro-dynamically shaped rigid aluminum nozzles positioned around a vessel’s propeller, shrouding the tips and reducing risk of injury to personnel under water. The Venturi ports between the nozzles channel outside water to the propeller reducing cavitation and vibration. The multiple nozzle hydrofoiled design generates stern lift and hull trim, maintaining a level craft at all speeds.

The Thrustor Nozzle also serves as a circular rudder bringing all 3 axes (pitch, yaw and roll) under control, helping to stabilize the platform in choppy sea states. Porpoising is reduced as the vessel’s hull becomes proactive, rather than reactive, to the water surface topography. The Neptune’s Rail effect connects the vessel to the water, similar to a roller coaster to its track.

MPT Thrustor Nozzle system utilises Akadized metal surface technology that creates a durable, low friction permanent surface on the aluminum with anti-corrosion and thermal resistance properties. MPT Thrustor Nozzle can reduce injury to sea mammals from propeller injuries. Shallow water plant and fish habitat are protected plus beach and harbour erosion caused by prop wash is reduced.

MPT Multi Nozzle Venturi System clients include:-

US Navy, APS Virginia, Alaska Fire Dept, California Parks & Recreation, Diving Groups, Geo Survey 

Contact Details:-

Marine Propulsion Technologies Inc

23811 Washington Ave. C-368,  Murrieta, CA 92562 USA  TEL +1 951 230 6434 

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