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Spurs marine Line & Net Cutter

Fits Shaft Sizes:

20mm to 178mm / 3/4" to 7"


Stainless Steel

Speed Loss:


Efficiency Loss:


Spurs Marine Line & Net Cutter systems have been protecting vessels from costly propeller entanglement since 1981. This effective system is installed on US Coast Guard, US Navy, Canadian Coast Guard, RNLI, English Coast Guard, Pilot boats and on over 100,000 commercial and pleasure vessels worldwide.

The Spurs Line & Net Cutter cuts tangled nets, ropes and weed from boat propellers simply and effectively by placing a rotating spur at the base of the propeller which severs any tangled debris with each revolution for instant cut eliminating entanglement and damage to the running gear. The safe cutting of lines before they become tangled prevents aft shaft seal rupture, which can result in oil pollution and costly repairs. The cutter works whether the craft is going forward or in reverse without loss of speed or efficiency.

The Spurs Line & Net Cutter fits shaft sizes 20mm to 178mm (3/4" to 7"). Each rotating cutter is equal in weight and balanced to ensure that vibration does not occur and effect the movement or stability of the vessel. The cutting takes place using a stationary blade against which the rotation blade forces the caught ropes or nets as soon as they become caught.

All of the moving metal parts are separated by face wear surfaces and the cutter blades are made from stainless steel and heat treated to ensure stability under water. Damaged parts are easily identified and easily replicable if necessary. The blades are self sharpening as each cut is made and designed to last indefinitely.

Spurs Marine Line & Net Cutter clients include:-

US Coast Guard, US Navy, Canadian Coast Guard, RNLI, English Coast Guard, Pilot boats

Contact Details:-

Spurs Marine - 201 SW 33rd Street Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33315 USA

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