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Navatek Adaptive Ride Enhancement System

Aft Lifting Body:

Steerable / Trimmable

Vertical Acceleration Reduction:

Up To 35%

Slamming Reduction:

Up To 60%


Waterjet / Surface Drive / Outboard

Navatek Adaptive Ride Enhancement System (ARES ®) incorporates the Navatek patented Aft Lifting Body (ALB) with Navatek’s state of the art ride control system. For RIBs and high speed craft designed to operate at 40+ knots ARES can provide effective dynamic motion mitigation, reducing both crew and equipment exposure to shock in an offshore environment. The ARES system can be fitted to new builds, or retro-fitted to many different types of existing hulls.

With its active control of the vessels trim, an ARES system can reduce vertical accelerations by 35 percent and slamming by as much as 60 percent. The ARES system is fully steerable for increased maneuverability and fully retractable for shallow water or maximum calm water speed. An ARES system can also increase hull efficiency at low speeds by controlling vessel trim.

The ARES system is the culmination of three decades of research and development by Navatek in the design, construction and testing of underwater lifting bodies and control systems for fast ships and high speed small craft. The ARES electronics are all solid-state components built to withstand the abuse of the high speed craft environment. Operator interfaces are simple and intuitive, including elegant controls and display.

Navatek’s patented lifting bodies are cambered foil sections that generate dynamic lift at speed. When installed on a high performance hull an ALB can significantly reduce motions and improve ride quality across a wide speed range. An ALB can be used on conventional monohulls or multi-hulls as well as advanced hull forms.

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Navatek - 841 Bishop Street Suite 1110, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 TEL +1 (808) 531 7001 x22

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