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Konrad Stern Drives

620 Stern Drive:

20 inch Propeller

660 Stern Drive:

Dual 16 inch Propeller

680 Stern Drive:

Dual 20 inch Propeller

600B Stern Drive:

20 inch Propeller

Konrad stern drives are designed for commercial, military and high performance applications where strength, reliability and long service life are required. The Konrad manufacturing process utilises the Total Gear Cutting System for stronger, precision cut gears. The main design requirement is for the stern drive unit to take the torque and the impulse load that comes from a diesel engine.

The 600 series are engineered with the largest, strongest gears. Every drive in the 600 Series is designed with Konrad’s exclusive Harmonically Tuned Gear Train (HTGT) technology which reduces the harmonic frequency amplification and resonance of the entire gear train, from input shaft to prop. HTGT optimizes the balance of drives, minimizes drive vibrations, and improves overall synchronization of internal components, providing a smoother running system.

The Konrad 620 Stern Drive is designed to be a reliable, robust drive that combines proven single propeller technology with stronger shafts. The Konrad 660 Stern Drive, with dual counter rotating propellers, is a performance drive designed for speed. The 660 outdrive is optimally designed for 7 to 15 metre (21 to 50 feet) vessels, with speeds up to 60 knots. 

The Konrad 680 Stern Drive operates with high efficiency in the 40 knot range and utilises dual counter rotating propellers. The Konrad 600B Series has been developed as a heavy duty stern drive unit for commercial and military operations. This system offers a thicker, wider, stronger transom unit which is designed to spread the load across a larger area. Steering is integrated within the 600B Series unit. Two dual prop models are available, one excels in performance, the other in high load carrying applications.

Konrad Stern Drive clients include:-

US Navy, Canadian Coast Guard, Dutch Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation,US Fish & Wildlife, US Border Patrol, Hong Kong Police, Indonesian Police, Panama Canal Authority, Damen, Zodiac, Boomeranger, Metal Shark

Contact Details:-

Konrad Marine Inc - 1421 Hanley Road, Hudson, Wisconsin 54016, USA  TEL: +1 715 386 4203


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